Word of Mouth, winner of DC’s first annual “Aca-Challenge” a cappella competition, is a mixed all-vocal band with a passion for fun and innovative a cappella. Formed in November 2011 through Craigslist and – you guessed it – word of mouth, WoM’s members are drawn from some of the East Coast’s premier collegiate singing groups. 

From performances at the Howard Theater and SingStrong a cappella festival (and your next event?), to packed audiences of 300+ people for their annual showcases, Word of Mouth has quickly established themselves as a seriously entertaining live act.

Some a cappella groups pride themselves on being “cool” or “edgy” or “good at dancing,” but WoM has its own approach: intricate arrangements, passionate and intense performances, and a full roster of uniquely talented soloists. With a repertoire spanning 60 years and a variety of genres – and the eclectic personalities to match – Word of Mouth is elevating DC a cappella every time they take the stage.