It’s been forever since we’ve updated our members section! Sometimes life gets busy, and sometimes we have lots of gigs and arranging to do, and sometimes it’s not clear who is supposed to keep the website updated. But we’ve gotten past all that and have now updated our site with TEN new member bios!

Soprano: Anna Corriveau, Hannah Gilberstadt, Sylvie Weintraub

Alto: Nadia Jamrozik, Emily Stover, Eleanor Thompson

Tenor: Jordan Rothenberg, Shawn Skolky

Bass: Eric Null, Isaac Rudin

Thank you to all who auditioned and welcome to the new members.

Please look out for more updates on upcoming gigs and our annual show that will be scheduled for spring 2020. And if you’d like to book us, please complete this short questionnaire to get the process started. You can also contact us at with questions or requests.

See you soon, DC!

New Members!!