Matt Ambler| Norfolk, VA | Tenor

Matt is an alumnus of the prestigious Yale Spizzwinks and currently serves as WoM’s Assistant Musical MattDirector. When he’s not singing tasty riffs on-stage, you can find him arranging some of WoM’s favorite jams like “Go Your Own Way” or crushing the competition in a game of laser tag. Oh, and if you want to have Hamilton sing-along, he’s totally down.

Dream duet partner: Anyone in the Hamilton cast!



Adam Bradley | Sterling, VA | Tenor

Rockstar by night, a cappella nerd also by night. You can hear Adam’s powerful pipes at your local Adamwatering hole when he performs as the lead singer for DC rock-pop group Sub-Radio Standard. Adam is a native NoVa resident and WOM’s third alumnus of American University’s On A Sensual Note, where he served as musical director and soloed on everything from Queen to Bill Withers.

Dream duet partner: Brandon Urie


Andy Budzinski | Lawrenceville, NJ | Tenor

Andy, who is currently WoM’s Musical Director, comes to WoM after three years in the Michigan Law Headnotes, where he soloed, arranged, and Andyalso served as Musical Director. Andy has performed in a chamber choir, on-stage in musical theater, and casually at karaoke bars. His favorite pastimes include singing in the shower, matching his socks to his shirt, and quoting Mean Girls. Oh, and on Wednesdays he wears pink.

Dream duet partner: Adam Levine, because who cares if he’s a jerk?


Nelle Crossan | Wenham, MA | Soprano

A recent alum of Hobart and William Smith Colleges, Nelle has been singing a cappella for the past 8 Nelleyears. Her shining moment came when she and her college group, 3 Miles Lost, opened for Ben Folds in 2011. You can catch her saving the whales at an environmental non profit during the day, or diva-ing out to some Whitney Houston during WOM’s 80’s Mashup. Along with harmonizing to anything and everything, Nelle enjoys late night karaoke, watercolor painting, and brunch.

Dream duet partner: Adele, because really, who else?


Caroline Gadonas | Springfield, PA | Soprano

Former president of the The Muhlenberg Dynamics, Caroline brings serious variety to WoM’s artistic Carolinerange. She has performed jazz improv and has provided vocal accompaniment to lutes, viola da gamba, and other exotic instruments in a chamber/period music group. Caroline is a classically trained pianist and, if you thought she couldn’t do it all, is currently teaching herself ukulele. Oh, did we mention she works at the British Embassy? Super casual.

Dream duet partner: Jason DeRulo, purely for the tasty riffs


Alec MacMillen | San Mateo, CA | Bass

Alec comes to DC by way of California, Vermont and Amman, Jordan, where he sang all-male a cappella Alecin high school, directed his co-ed collegiate group, the Middlebury Bobolinks, and sang as a member of Jordan’s first ensemble choir, Dozan wa Awtar. He also dabbles in other musical exploits like playing the piano and producing electronic music (if you can find the concept albums he released on iTunes about Abraham Lincoln and Heart of Darkness to get out of doing work in high school, you get a cookie). Feel free to engage him in a discussion about the finer points of elimination-style reality TV or Giants baseball.

Dream duet partner: Juicy J

José Morales | Monroe, NY | Bass

José is an alumnus of American University’s On A Sensual Note, the greatest all male a cappella group in JoseDC. You can find him hamming it up on “I Won’t Give Up” by Jason Mraz or bothering everyone in WOM with his terrible marketing ideas. Jose absolutely loves DC, dancing (kazaxe specifically), and economics. The next time you see Jose, ask him to tell you about the time he met Barack Obama while he was shirtless or when he was stranded for three days in Paris.

Dream Duet Partner: Beyonce. This is a no brainer.


Daniela Murch | Silver Spring, MD | Alto

Daniela comes from the prestigious ranks of Kol Sasson at the University of Maryland, where she served as President for two years. After graduating Danielafrom UMD, she didn’t think law school was enough of a time commitment so she also co-founded The Promissory Notes – the first a cappella group at GW Law School. When she’s not lawyering for the federal government, Daniela reads fiction for her book (wine) club and scouts out the competition in the DC music scene. If that’s not enough, she also arranges some pretty kick-ass songs for WOM, including Postmodern Jukebox’s “My Heart Will Go On” and the Goo Goo Dolls’ “Iris.”

Dream duet partner: Is it okay to say Pentatonix?

Emmy Newcomb | Fredericksburg, VA | Soprano

Emmy, currently serving as WoM’s Business Manager, is also an alumnus from the illustrious ranks of William & Mary’s all-female a Emmycappella group Passing Notes A Cappella, where she served as President and Tour Manager. A self-labeled “Beatles superfan,” Emmy has been singing since the 3rd grade and cut her chops performing in show choirs, musical theater shows, and competitive choir in addition to her collegiate aca-experience.

Dream duet partner: Jason Segel


Laura Scuderi | Alto

Bio coming soon!






Shawn Skolky | Tenor

Bio coming soon!