Matt Ambler | Norfolk, VA | Tenor

Matt is an alumnus of the prestigious Yale Spizzwinks and currently serves as WoM’s Business Manager. When he’s not singing tasty riffs on-stage, you can find him arranging some of WoM’s favorite jams like “Go Your Own Way” or crushing the competition in a game of laser tag. Oh, and if you want to have Hamilton sing-along, he’s totally down.

Dream duet partner: Anyone in the Hamilton cast!

Andy Budzinski | Lawrenceville, NJ | Tenor

Andy, who is currently WoM’s Musical Director, comes to WoM after three years in the Michigan Law Headnotes, where he soloed, arranged, and also served as Musical Director. Andy has performed in a chamber choir, on-stage in musical theater, and casually at karaoke bars. His favorite pastimes include singing in the shower, matching his socks to his shirt, and quoting Mean Girls. Oh, and on Wednesdays he wears pink.

Dream duet partner: Adam Levine, because who cares if he’s a jerk?

Anna Corriveau | Green Bay, WI | Soprano

Former president of The University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Pitches and Notes, Anna is six feet of aca-enthusiasm. She spends her days playing with brains as a researcher in a cognitive neuroscience lab at the National Institutes of Health. When she’s not at work or rehearsal, you can find her on the couch watching reality television with group-mates and roomies Emily and Sylvie.

Dream duet (and life) partner: Harry Styles

Caroline Gadonas | Springfield, PA | Soprano

Caroline spent her college years singing a cappella with the Muhlenberg Dynamics, where she served as coordinator/cat herder in her senior year. In college and beyond, she’s spent time performing everything from chamber music to jazz improv to her own songs. In her spare time, you can find her eating truffle-flavored anything and talking too much about her two cats, Ringo and Penny Lane.

Dream duet partner: Jason DeRulo

Hannah Gilberstadt | Eau Claire, WI | Soprano

Hannah is a recent graduate of Washington University in St. Louis and sang with the Washington University Amateurs for four years. She also sings jazz, and has performed with various jazz orchestras and combos since high school. In DC, she works as a political researcher at the Pew Research Center, where she gets to play with lots of numbers and write lots of words. Outside of music and work, you can find Hannah jogging around Arlington, reminiscing about the glory days of Disney Channel, or buying out the frozen food section at Trader Joe’s.

Dream duet partner: Yebba

Nadia Jamrozik | Seattle, WA | Alto

Nadia is a recent graduate of Northwestern University where she sang with THUNK. Born and raised in Seattle, Nadia grew up on Jazz music and hopes to someday live out her dream of singing in a jazz quartet. In her free time, you can find Nadia exploring (and wrecking havoc throughout) DC with an iced coffee and a bag of Hot Cheetos in hand.

Dream duet partner: Sylvan Esso

Eric Null | Williston, VT | Bass

Eric, the current president of WoM, hails from the state with the best maple syrup and cheese, and that is a hill he will die on. He is a classically-trained musician (clarinet, piano) but is now a lawyer. And he has had a lifelong appreciation for a cappella (he sang in his high school’s all-male a cappella group). By day, Eric is trying to save the internet. By night he tries to destroy it (with memes and other questionable content). In between, you can probably catch him at a local karaoke bar.

Dream duet partner: Andrew Rannells

Jordan Rothenberg | Richmond, VA | Tenor & Vocal Percussion

Jordan was a founding member of NOBS Brass Band and initially a music performance major at the University of Maryland. After a few years away from music, his passion was reignited at age 24, when he picked up a guitar and began a 4 year stint as the head songleader for an overnight camp in beautiful Denver, Colorado. Now, Jordan is freelance guitar player in DC and a Learning and Development professional at GW.  You can find him creating grooves with his face, jamming on guitar, or playing golf with friends!

Dream duet partner: Kurt Elling

Isaac Rudin | Madison, WI | Bass & Vocal Percussion

Isaac is thrilled to be a part of WOM. Isaac grew up in Madison, WI, and studied Economics and Finance at the University of Wisconsin where he beatboxed and sang bass for Redefined A Cappella. He moved to the DMV to work as an analyst for Freddie Mac where he has yet to cause a major mortgage crisis. Outside of singing and work, Isaac enjoys attempting to cook, listening to podcasts, and wishing he were on a beach.

Dream duet partner: Michael Bublé

Shawn Skolky | Atlanta, GA | Tenor

Shawn is an alum of Georgia Tech’s SympVibes and Emory University’s Aural Pleasure a cappella groups. During the day, Shawn practices law and by night he is a bread pudding and other pudding-related dessert aficionado.

Dream duet partner: Musiq or Musiq Soulchild or whatever he’s going by these days

Emily Stover | Evanston, IL | Alto

Emily came to DC all the way from the midwest and is a proud Wisconsin Badger. During her undergrad years she was a member of The University of Wisconsin’s competitive women’s a cappella group Pitches and Notes. When she’s not singing she spends her time working in public affairs and watching Love Island with Anna and Sylvie. The next time you see Emily, be sure to ask her about her brief time as a model for the 2006 National Girl Scouts Calendar.

Dream duet partner: LÉON

Eleanor Thompson | Philadelphia, PA | Alto & Vocal Percussion

Eleanor is a Philadelphia native, having sang a cappella with her high school “team” and with UPenn’s Off The Beat in college. Her favorite spots to sing are on a beach or around a bonfire with her cousins. Eleanor is currently studying for a Master’s in Public Policy with a focus on education at GWU. She recently completed her Teach for America service in Charlotte, NC, as a high school Spanish teacher – and yes she obviously made a verb conjugation song out of Despacíto for her students to study with. Feel free to ask her about that time she sang for Joe Biden or anything to do with the latest fitness crazes.

Dream duet partner: Ray Charles

Sylvie Weintraub | Duluth, MN | Soprano & Vocal Percussion

Coming all the way from Duluth, MN, Sylvie brought her beatboxing and soprano singing across the country where she found her place in WoM. In 2018, Sylvie graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where she spent four years beatboxing with her all-female a cappella group, Pitches and Notes. During her time in Pitches, Sylvie received two ICCA Outstanding Vocal Percussion awards–her second proudest accomplishment behind seeing Nick Jonas in concert four times. Aside from music, Sylvie spends her time working as a DoD systems engineering consultant, exploring the east coast, and making questionable housing decisions with Anna and Emily.

Dream duet partner: Ben Platt